How To

Creating craft is a great way to burn time. We love to do it when we have extra or so much time we can spend. For example, you are an expecting mother who already filed your maternity leave. You want to be busy while you are waiting for your unborn child, creating craft can help you fight boredom.


Crocheting is a tedious  activity that requires you to count and follow patterns. But once you learn the basics, you are on your way to creating useful pieces. You can make hats, jacket, blanket, rags, baby socks and mittens. There are many designs you could choose from. This activity is recommended for expecting mothers so you can create personalized baby clothings and more.

Paper Craft or Kirigami

Kirigami is one of the simplest craft your can try. You have to follow cutting patterns to achieve the 3D effect once you open it up. Kirigami is best when your are designing a card or making a scrapbook. it is simple yet really fun to do. You can visit and for easy-to-follow patterns.


Pottery is very interesting and quite challenging craft to try. It is perfect for gifts and decoration. You’ll get to train you hands in crafting and molding clay to form a beautiful vase. It is a perfect craft to try for those who love gardening so that you don’t have to buy pots anymore. You can start with investing in a pottery wheel and kilns.